Apple Pay 帶來購物革命?

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Apple Pay 帶來購物革命?
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Apple Pay 跟著iPhone 6 問世,是否真的像Apple所說最簡單、最安全?


Will Apple Pay, a potentially momentous innovation, soon change the way mobile users everywhere shop? Last year, Americans spent over 4.5 trillion dollars— most of it with credit cards or cash. If Apple can obtain even a small percentage of this marketplace, they will gain a sharp edge over mobile competitors, Google and Samsung. While Apple will be joining a market already saturated with alternatives such as Paypal, Amazon, and Google who have all developed their own systems of mobile payment, they claim that their solution to the mobile wallet will be easier to use and more secure. As Apple CEO Tim Cook promised,“ Apple Pay will forever change the way all of us buy things.” But, as critics agree, that remains to be seen.

Apple Pay 看似來勢洶洶,但到底有沒有可能改變全世界購物方式?美國人去年消費超過4.5 兆美元,其中大多是現金或信用卡消費,只要分得其中一小部分市場,Apple 就有機會超越Google、三星等競爭對手。行動消費市場雖已飽和── Paypal、Amazon、Google 都發展出自己的行動付款系統—─但Apple宣稱,他們的電子錢包更好用也更安全。Apple 執行長Tim Cook 說,「Apple Pay 將永遠改變我們購物的方式。」但評論認為一切尚待觀察。

To make a purchase with Apple Pay, just hold your iPhone against a wireless payment reader while pressing your thumb over Apple’s Touch ID sensor. Without reaching for your wallet, you’ll be out of door in under 10 seconds. While changing customers’ p ayment behavior may be the greatest challenge for Apple 1 in getting their project off the ground, changing merchant behavior in small businesses will be much harder, due to a high installation price and a lack of guarantees that Apple Pay will set a standard for mobile payment.

使用Apple Pay 購物,只要拿著iPhone 對著無線付款讀取器,並以拇指按住Apple 的觸控感應鍵,不必掏出錢包,10 秒內就能付款走人。Apple Pay 的一大挑戰是改變消費者的付款習慣,然而,更大困難在於改變小型商家的收費方式,原因是讀取器安裝費價格高昂,而Apple 又無法保證所有行動支付都將以此作為標準。

Moreover, considering that using Apple Pay requires 2 shelling out the money for an iPhone 6 will probably dissuade many shoppers who are simply more comfortable paying with traditional means.

此外,目前要使用Apple Pay,得先購買一支iPhone6,傾向以傳統方式付款的消費者,更可能就此打消念頭。

Despite the criticism, most experts agree that if anyone can change consumer and merchant behavior, it’s Apple. It enjoys a brand loyalty from its customers that is unrivaled by any other company, and as the iPod and the iPhone testify, no company is more experienced at setting market trends and watching the competition scramble to catch up. If Apple can create incentives for merchants to adopt their payment terminals alongside credit card machines, and if they can convince their customers to ditch their credit cards, then Tim Cook’s promise of a paradigm shift in mobile payments may seem like more than 3 a shot in the dark.

撇開批評,大部分的專家仍同意,Apple 是最有可能改變消費者和交易行為的品牌。Apple 使用者的忠誠度是他牌使用者無法比擬的。從iPod 到iPhone,沒有品牌比Apple 更懂得創造潮流,讓對手苦苦追趕。如果商家有了安裝付費終端機的動機,消費者有拋開信用卡的理由,那麼Tim Cook 的承諾就不只是大膽假設,而有機會成真。


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