媽祖保庇, 考驗你的英語力

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媽祖保庇, 考驗你的英語力
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媽祖保庇, 考驗你的英語力


文│LTTC教師Nigel Daly、研究員陳靜慧



Martha: Eric, you’ve lost weight, and you’re limping1 …What have you

been up to for the last two weeks?

Eric: I joined the Mazu pilgrimage2 to celebrate her birthday. We

walked up and down central Taiwan for nine days, visiting 110

Mazu temples and only eating vegetarian food. Now the blisters3

on my feet are killing me.

Martha: What a bummer.

Eric: But the suffering actually shows our devotion4 , which will be

rewarded with Mazu’s blessing. The Mazu pilgrimage is something

that Taiwanese should do at least once in their lives.

Martha: Isn’t Mazu the Taoist5 patron saint6 of fishermen and sailors?

Eric: Yes. Legend has it that she was a very virtuous7 daughter, and

one day during a typhoon, she dreamed her father and brothers’

fishing boat was sinking in the storm. Miraculously8 , she rescued9

them in her dream and brought them back to land safe and

sound. Seafarers10 thus hope she will protect them as well.

Martha: Fascinating! Let’s join the pilgrimage together next year…

Eric: I think “once in my life” was enough.

Martha: 艾瑞克,你瘦了,走路還一跛一跛地⋯⋯你這兩個禮拜都在忙什麼呀?

Eric: 我參加了媽祖遶境來慶祝媽祖生日。我們總共在中台灣來來回回走了九天,

拜訪了110 座媽祖廟宇,而且只吃素食。現在我腳上的水泡快痛死我了!

Martha: 那還真慘呀!

Eric: 不過這些辛勞是為了要展現我們的虔誠,媽祖會賜給我們福報。


Martha: 媽祖不就是那個道教中漁民與水手的守護神嗎?

Eric: 對呀!傳說她是個善良正直的女孩,有個颱風天她夢見父親與哥



Martha: 真有趣!明年我們一起參加⋯⋯

Eric: 我想「一生一次」就夠了。



民眾人數(the number of people)更高達百萬。一起來看看Eric與Martha的對話


up to (something)

忙於( 較常用於問句)

例:You’ve been running up and down the stairs several times. What are you up to?


What a bummer!

好掃興 / 真倒楣 / 失望!

例:Our ight to Greece tomorrow is cancelled because of the storm. What a bummer!


be rewarded with


例:The young man who caught the thief was rewarded with cash.


Legend has it that S+V


例:Legend has it that Mazu saved her father and brothers in a dream.


safe and sound


例:We had a bumpy bus ride, but we’ve arrived safe and sound.



1. limp (v.) 一瘸一拐地走,跛行

2. pilgrimage (n.) 朝聖、朝覲

3. blister (n.) 水泡

4. devotion (n.) 虔誠;奉獻

5. Taoist (adj.) 道教(思想)的,道教信徒的

6. patron saint (n. ph.) 守護神/ 聖徒

7. virtuous (adj.) 有美德的;善良的;正直的

8. miraculously (adv.) 神奇地;奇蹟似地;出乎意料地

9. rescue (v.) 援救;營救;挽救

1 0. seafarer (n.) 船員;航海家


Legend has it that... 媽祖身邊有什麼樣的傳說與軼事(anecdotes)呢?一起來看看如何用英文描述臺灣文化記憶中媽祖的面貌!

Mazu’s Bodyguards

In a Taoist temple, there are always two distinct statues besideMazu. On her right is General Fair-Wind Ear (順風耳),often painted in red, and on her left is green-colored GeneralThousand-Mile Eye (千里眼). They were monsters at first, butthey later became the goddess’bodyguards (侍衛) after Mazudefeated (打敗) them.

Mazu’s Blessing

During the pilgrimage, you will see many people kneeling (跪下)in a line in front of Mazu’s chariot (轎子). They hold their handstogether (合掌) and say their prayers silently before crawling(跪爬) under the chariot. In fact, this is a ritual (儀式) to pray forMazu’s blessing in the new year.



There are many (1) surrounding Mazu, a well-loved goddess in Chinese culture. Before she became a goddess, she saved her brothers from a shipwreck ( 船難) in her dream. Later, she used her incredible powers to tame( 馴服) two monsters, Fair-Wind Ear and Thousand-Mile Eye, who then became her (2) . Although she was originally the (3) of shermen and sailors, she also looks after the general public. Every year, people celebrate her birthday by taking part in the nine-day (4) , and they ask for her blessing by crawling under her (5) . Among the pilgrims, you'll denitely see Mazu’s two loyal bodyguards.

答案 (1)legends (2)bodyguards (3)patron (4)pilgrimage (5)chariot


讀完Eric參加媽祖遶境的心得,有沒有躍躍欲試(impatient to try)呢?你一生必做

一次的活動(once in a lifetime thing)又是什麼呢?LTTC幫助您學習外語更有效率,




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