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情境對話練習 準備好再上場!
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M: It’s our pleasure to discuss the details of the sponsorship contract today. Our chairperson is very impressed by your talents, and hoped we can reach a win-win agreement.


S: Thank you for having me here. I’m very interested in being associated with M. I hope a fair deal can be reached, and we can all enjoy the bene_ts of this business relationship.


M: Great. Let me start by proposing a 3-year contract, in which we o_er US$1 million for each year. Of this amount, US$100,000 will be given in products of equivalent value. Does that sound reasonable?

廠:很好。我先提一個為期3年、每年提供100萬美元的合約。其中, 10萬美元以等值產品方式贊助。這樣聽起來合理嗎?

S: I appreciate the o_er, but I don’t think there is a way for me to use up the entire US$100,000 worth of products. What do you think if you reduce the amount by half and give the rest in cash?


M: We can give you US$50,000 worth of product, and additional US$20,000 in cash. This makes the total o_er of US$970,000 a year. Is that acceptable to you?

廠:我們可以提供50萬美元的產品,加上20萬美元現金。這樣的話, 公司每年提供97萬美元。這樣可以接受嗎?

S: Thank you. The revised amount is _ne. What do I need to do?


M: We would like you to compete in our products and wear our apparel when you attend public events. In addition, you will allow us to use your image in our print advertisements. Can you agree to that?


S: Agreed. Regarding bonus?


M: We can offer another US$50,000 for each month when you are world number 1, and US$50,000 for each major tournament you win. Would this be acceptable to you?


S: It sounds good. By the way, do I need to appear in promotional events?


M: We would like you to attend at least 3 events. We will pay for transportation and lodging. Can you agree to that?


S: Everything sounds good. However, I too have a proposal for M. I’m interested in fashion design. I would love the opportunity to develop a line of sportswear. I hope this is not an unrealistic request.


M: No, not at all. We might be able to do this, but I’ll need to discuss with our product development team. The product line may take a year to develop. I suggest that we sign a separate contract next year, on the condition that you come on board as a guest designer. We can negotiate the terms then.


S: It’s _ne with me. I don’t mind waiting for a year.


M: Before we wrap up, let’s go over the agreements again. We will sign a 3-year contract, in which M will pay US$970,000 a year. Of this, US$50,000 will be given in products of equivalent value. We will also give bonuses of US$50,000 for each month when you are world number 1, and US$50,000 for each major tournament won. In return, you will wear M apparel in tournaments and public events. You also agree to 3 promotional appearances per year. Could you confirm the above?


S: Yes. I agree to these conditions.


M: Now that a consensus is reached, we will have a contract drawn up for your review next week.


S: I appreciate your o_er. I’m delighted to be a spokesperson for M.





S: Good morning and welcome. How can I help you?


B: I’m looking to buy a car. I saw the advertisement about the new model.


S: I think you will like what we have here. It is a brand new model. We offer both traditional and hybrid options.


B: What do you recommend?


S: The hybrid model is selling very well. Would you like to take a test drive?


B: Sure!


(after the test drive)


B: I’m impressed by the features, but it’s more expensive than the non-hybrid. I don’t think I can a_ord it.


S: I suggest you consider the bene_ts you’ll enjoy later. The hybrid is energy e_cient. You’ll save at least NT$20,000 a year on fuel cost.


B: It sounds good, but I’m still not sure if I want to spend this much. What is the best price you can o_er?


S: Well...this is a very popular model. Currently there is a waiting list. I’m afraid we cannot o_er any cash discount.


B: I see. Let me think about it... If you cannot o_er a better price, can you provide any free products?


S: I can give you a set of seat cover, floor mats and an event data recorder. Together they are worth at least NT$15,000.


B: I appreciate the o_er, but the price is still over my budget.


S: We may be able to o_er you a 3-year loan, free of interest. What do you think?


B: Everything sounds good, but I still need a bit more time to think about it. Before I leave, let’s go over your offer again. You will give me seat covers, floor mats, and a video recorder free of charge. You will also o_er a 3-year loan with zero interest. Is that right?


S: Correct. You can be sure you’ve got a good deal.


B: I will need a day or two to decide...


S: I understand it’s a big decision, but I suggest you not take too long because we’re running out of stock on these giveaways... Here’s my business card. Give me a call if you’d like to place an order.


B: Thank you. I appreciate your help. We’ll be in touch.


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