How to Leave Work On Time
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A 精疲力盡

B 應付

C 空出、撥出

The clock has ticked past 6:30pm but you are still sitting in front of your computer. You have been thinking about going home on time today so as to spend some time with your family, but you are still facing a pile of work. When you nally get to leave the office, it’s already 9 pm and you are the last one to turn off the office lights again. You feel (A)drained by work after getting home, and feel like 1 hitting the sack right away.

牆上的時鐘早已過了6 點半,你還坐在電腦前面工作。雖然一直想著要早點回家陪家人,卻有堆積如山的工作還沒完成。當你終於準備要離開公司,發現已經9 點鐘了,而且你又是最後一個離開辦公室的人。當你到家之後,早已覺得精疲力盡,一心只想趕快上床睡覺。

It’s a pattern with which most full-time professionals are familiar—you’re spending increasing amounts of time at your oce, compromising your personal life just to make a good impression at work. However, staying longer at the office does not necessarily make you more productive. It often works 2 the other way around. The following tips might help you shorten your oce hours so you can leave work on time.


First, learn to prioritize things. Make a list of the three most important things you have to get done in a day. Limit it to three and focus on them. Don’t try to (B)juggle too many things at once. Tackle the important and difficult tasks first so they won’t slow you down at the end of the day when you might get stuck. Second, stay on top of your emails. (C)Set aside two or three particular times a day for checking emails and that’s it! Don’t bother to reply to every email as soon as it arrives in your inbox. You are not going to miss out on important messages because people will call you if it’s urgent.

首先,訂出工作的優先順序。先寫下一天最重要的3件工作,記得要限制只有「3 件」,並專注地完成它們,不要試著一次處理太多事情。先完成這些比較重要和困難的工作,不要留到下班前再做,這樣在遇到瓶頸的時候,才不會拖延到你的下班時間。第二點,控制回覆電子郵件的時間。每天撥出2 到3 個時間點回覆郵件即可,不要一收到新郵件就急著立刻回覆。你不必擔心會漏掉重要訊息,若有緊急的情況,別人會直接用電話聯繫。

Third, be flexible. When you are busy, you can try to get to work earlier or compromise some of your lunch break time. Bring your own lunchbox so that it saves you more time. Don’t get involved in too many 3“water cooler chats”; focus on accomplishing your tasks first. Lastly, feel good about what you have done. When you leave the office every day, don’t just think about the things you have yet to do. Remind yourself of the things you have accomplished today, ending your work-day feeling good about what you have done.


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