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Eric Wang任職於跨國企業的台灣分公司,負責接待將造訪台灣的加拿大籍客服訓練講師John L. Gin。John在給Eric的email中提到他對台灣有興趣的地方:

I am really looking forward to visiting Taiwan. I recently read an article in the New York Times ranking Taiwan 11th out of 52 places to visit in 2014. It mentioned the extensive bike trails1 and vibrant nightlife2 in Taipei. But I have also heard a lot about its natural beauty3. And everyone raves about the delicious foods, too.



Re: Re: Your first visit to Taiwan

From: Eric Wang

To: John L. Gin


Dear John,

Thank you for the prompt reply. You have given me some good ideas.

As for natural scenery4, you will be pleased to hear that there are many beautiful places to visit in the spring. The east coast of Taiwan is considered by many Taiwanese to have breathtaking views of the sea and coastal mountain ranges5, so I am now planning a four-day trip to Hualien.

In Hualien we will go whitewater rafting6 and stay overnight7 in Taroko Gorge National Park8. Taroko Gorge is renowned for its spectacular9 views. Also, it’s a terrific10 place to go hiking and see the magnificent rock formations11. After a day of hiking, we can go to a wonderful natural hot spring12 to soak, relax, and freshen up.

What do you think? I really hope you can experience the natural beauty of Taiwan.

Best regards,



rave about (something)

對(某樣東西)津津樂道/ 讚不絕口

例:Everyone raves about the delicious food sold at night markets in Taiwan.(大家對台灣夜市賣的美食都讚不絕口。)

(a place) has breathtaking views of (something)


例:The east coast of Taiwan has breathtaking views of the sea and coastal mountain ranges.( 在台灣東海岸可以看到令人屏息讚嘆的海景和海岸山脈。)

此處除了形容詞breathtaking 之外,也可使用spectacular、magnificent(令人讚嘆、壯麗的)或terrific、wonderful(極佳的)等形容詞。

plan a trip to (a place)

計畫到(某地)旅遊可以在trip 前面加上four-day、one-week 等字詞,表示旅行的長度。

例:I’m planning a one-week trip to Hualien.(我正計畫到花蓮旅遊一週。)

(a place) is renowned for (something)


例:Taroko Gorge is renowned for its spectacular views.



1. extensive bike trails 綿長的自行車道

2. vibrant nightlife 繽紛熱鬧的夜生活

3. natural beauty 自然美景

4. natural scenery 自然風光

5. coastal mountain ranges 海岸山脈

6. go whitewater rafting 泛舟,此處go 的

用法與go hiking(健行)、go skiing(滑雪)一.... 樣,表示從事某項運動

7. stay overnight 過一夜

8. Taroko Gorge National Park 太魯閣國家公園

9. spectacular 令人讚嘆的、壯麗/壯觀的

10. terrific 極佳的,同義詞為wonderful

11. magnificent rock formations 壯觀的岩層,..........magnicent 為spectacular 的同義詞

12. natural hot spring 天然溫泉



Re: Re: Re: Your first visit to Taiwan

From: John L. Gin

To: Eric Wang


Dear Eric,

Sounds terrific. Many thanks.

Apologies for the short message. About to hop on a plane.

BTW, are there any festivals we can check out?





例:Sounds terrific.本來應是That sounds terrific(. 聽起來很棒。)

About to hop on a plane.本來應是I’m about to hop on a plane(. 我正要上飛機。)


例:BTW(=By the way) 轉變話題時使用的片語。除了BTW,其他最常見的就屬ASAP

(=as soon as possible),例如Please reply ASAP.

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