Surf’s Up! 衝浪去!

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Surf’s Up! 衝浪去!
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Don: Look at the swells1 ! It’s really pumping2 today.

Eric: Uh…What?

Don: Sorry, dude3 . Let me translate. The surf 4 is up; the waves are really good. Are you stoked5 for

your first lesson?

Eric: Totally!

Don: L ook at that bodyboarder6 … he’s dropping in on that surfer. Not cool! Remember rule number one in surfing: Never drop in on another surfer!

Eric: Never cut someone off. Got it.

Don: Now, let’s get your gear7 . Longboards8 are more stable and easier to stand up on. Then you need a wetsuit9 and a leash10 so that you don’t lose your board when you wipe out11.

Eric: OK… can I borrow some money?

Don: Sure. But don’t be a sponge.

Eric: Easier said than done... (laughs)

Don: Ca tching a wave and standing up require flexibility, speed and balance. But with practice, you will hang ten12 .

Eric: L i k e the clothing store?

Don: Haha. No, that means to hang all ten toes off the front of the surfboard.

Eric: Is that even possible?

Don: When you have pumping waves and ripping13 skills, anything is possible.

Don: 看那swells,今天浪真的很pumping。

Eric: 蛤......什麼?

Don: 抱歉,兄弟。我翻譯一下。浪起來了;海浪狀況很不錯!要上你的第一堂課了,有沒有很「嗨」呀?

Eric: 超級!

Don: 看那個玩趴板的人......他就快要攔截那個衝浪客。 太糟糕了!記得衝浪的第一條規則:絕不搶浪!

Eric: 絕不超車。記下來了。

Don: 那來準備你的裝備吧!長板比較穩,站在上面也容易些。接下來你還需要一套潛水裝跟腳繩,這樣當你被浪打下來時,才不會找不到你的衝浪板。

Eric: 好......可以借點錢嗎?

Don: 當然。不過可別只借不還。

Eric: 說的比做的簡單......(笑)

Don: 追浪跟站在衝浪板上需要彈性、速度和平衡。但只要練習,你也能hang ten。

Eric: 那家服飾店?

Don: 哈哈,不是,我指的是衝浪時將十隻腳趾掛在衝浪板前方。

Eric: 有可能嗎?

Don: 如果你有波濤的浪勢跟絕妙的技巧,任何事都是有可能的。



drop in on (衝浪用語)搶浪

例: That dude just dropped in on me when I was closest to the peak of the wave. He’s lucky I didn’t hit him.

( 當我最靠近海浪的最高處,那傢伙就搶走我的浪。我沒撞到他算他幸運。)

rule number one 首要規則

例:Rule number one for dating Jill: Don’t be late.


cut off 打斷、中斷 ;超車

例:He claimed that the truck had cut him o so suddenly that he couldn’t react in time.


sponge 【口語】吃閒飯、借錢不還的人

例:Larry is such a sponge. Don’t ever lend him money.


easier said than done 說的比做的容易

例:A: Let’s expand into the China market. B: Easier said than done.

( A:來拓展中國市場吧。 B:說的比做的容易。)

catch a wave (衝浪)追浪

例:Look outside. You couldn’t ask for a better day to catch a wave than today!

( 看看外頭。你找不到比今天還更適合追浪的日子了!)

catch the wave 趕搭熱潮而獲得優勢

例:The company developed its own app to catch the wave of instant messaging.

( 那間公司開發了一個軟體來趕搭即時通訊的潮流。)


1.swell (n.) 浪濤

2. pumping (adj.) ( 衝浪) 波濤洶湧的

3. dude (n.)【俚】男人;男孩

4. surf (n.)(沖擊岩石、海岸的)浪花

5. stoked (adj.)【俚】熱情洋溢的

6. bodyboarder (n.) 玩趴板的人 ( bodyboard為較短的衝浪板,玩家臉朝下趴在板上衝浪)

7. gear (n.) 工具;設備,裝置

8. longboard (n.) 長板(衝浪板的一種)

9. wetsuit (n.) 潛水衣

10. leash (n.) ( 衝浪) 腳繩或手繩

11. wipe out ( 衝浪時) 被浪打下

12. hang ten 雙腳站在長板前方的乘板方式(衝浪招式)

13. ripping【 俚】極好的,絕妙的


Surf這個字不只有衝浪(surfing)與我們常見的surf the net(遊覽網路)的用法唷!趕快來看看還有哪些英語詞彙中出現surf這個字,以及其他實用片語!

surf and turf 海陸大餐(包含海鮮(surf)與牛排(turf)的主餐)

例:The classic surf and turf here has been its signature dish for half a century. It’s a chef’s recommendation.


couch surfing 陸續在他人住處的沙發留宿 (couch surf作為動詞)

例:After a few nights couch surng, Peter was running out of friends he could stay with.


channel surfing 頻繁地轉台

例:Stop channel surng! Even if some shows were worth watching, you wouldn’t know it.

( 別再一直轉台了!就算有值得看的節目,你也不會知道。)

Get the hang of something 熟悉、學會(做某事物)的技巧

例:At frst, I couldn’t get the hang of y shing, but after a few hours, I was casting the line like a pro.


Hang in there 撐下去

例:Down by two points, all Jamie could do was to hang in there for as long as possible.



還記得Eric 跟教練Don 的對話嗎?趕快來複習一下!這3 個題目你都能答對嗎?

1. According to Don, what is the most important rule in surfing?

A. Don’t take another surfer’s wave.

B. Don’t catch a pumping wave.

C. Don’t stand on the front of your board.

D. Don’t lose control of your board

2. In the conversation, what does“ hang ten” mean?

A. It’s a clothing store.

B. It’s a surfing move.

C. It’s a way of saying hi.

D. It’s a basic rule in surfing.

3. What kind of board is advisable for a new surfer?

A. a short one

B. a wide one

C. a heavy one

D. a long one

答案 參考答案: 1 A 2 B 3 D



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