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面試不像科學或藝術,它只是一個為了找出潛在主雇關係所衍生的應變之道罷了。然而,在面試中還是有值得我們注意的小細節。以下是面試時常遇到的8 種問題:

1. Credential verication questions 學識背景

This type of question includes “What was your GPA?” and “How long were you at _____?” Also known as resume verification questions. Its purpose is to objectively verify the depth of knowledge of the credentials in your background.

「你GPA 平均得點多少?」「你攻讀XXX 多久?」這是種確認履歷是否名實相符的問題,用以確認你的學識背景的客觀方法。

2. Experience verication questions 經驗與歷練

This type of question includes “What did you learn in that class?” and “What were your responsibilities in that position?” Its purpose is to subjectively evaluate features of your background.


3. Opinion questions 你的看法

This type of question includes “What would you do in this situation?”and “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” Its purpose is to subjectively analyze how you would respond in a series of scenarios.

「如果在XXX 情況下,你如何處理?」「你覺得自己的優勢是什麼?那有沒有任何不足之處呢?」主觀評斷你臨場反應與表達的方式;不過由於問題的開放度高,一般面試應徵者回答時應該能掌握得不錯。

4. Behavioral questions 表現闡述

This type of question includes “Can you give me a specific example of how you did that?” and “What were the steps you followed to accomplish that task?” Its purpose is to objectively measure past behaviors as a predictor of future results.

「你能不能告訴我你如何看待XXX 這件事?你當時又怎麼做?」「你是如何克服並達成這個挑戰的?」問題的開放度高,透過你對過去的實務經驗與做法的表述,來客觀衡量你未來的潛在表現。

5. Competency questions 能力推銷

This type of question includes “Can you give me a specific example of your leadership skills?” or “Explain a way in which you sought a creative solution to a problem.”Its purpose is to align your past behaviors with specific competencies which are required for the position.


6. Brain teaser questions 腦力激盪

This type of question includes “What is 1000 divided by 73?” to “How many ping pong balls could fit in a Volkswagen?”to complex algorithms. Its purpose is to evaluate not only your mental math calculation skills, but also your creative ability in formulating the mathematical formula for providing an answer (or estimate, as can often be the case).

「請問1000 除以73 是多少?」「你認為一台Volkswagen的車裡面可以裝得下多少顆乒乓球?」這不僅可以看出你的邏輯與演算能力,同時看看你能有多少創意。

7. Case questions 隨機抽問

his type of question includes problem-solving questions ranging from: “How many gas stations are there in Europe?” to “What is your estimation of the global online retail market for books?” Its purpose is to evaluate your problem-solving abilities and how you would analyze and work through potential case situations.

「台灣有幾間XXX 便利商店?」「你對於XXX 的新書OOO 有什麼看法?」這是一種評估應徵者在突發狀況或是靈機應變的處理能力的測驗。

8 Dumb questions 自由發揮

This type of question includes “What kind of animal would you like to be?” and “What color best describes you?” Their purpose is to get past your pre-programmed answers to find out if you are capable of an original thought. There is not necessarily a right or wrong answer, since it is used primarily to test your ability to think on your feet.



有趣的是,通常前3 種問題只占面試評比的10%,而腦力激盪(測智力,眾多職務的核心能力)則提升至15%,隨機抽問25%;然而,表現闡述與能力推銷共占55%。剩下的則是面試官對你的印象分數囉!比較特別的是,前3 種問題是許多有經驗的面試官所偏好的。

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